Leonard Bernstein- Ballet Sequence Procession and Nightmare (From West Side Story)

Put your music-player on shuffle and write down the first 20 songs (no skipping, be honest)
  1. The Virgins- One Week of Danger (One Week of Danger)
  2. Steely Dan- Do It Again (off of some mix made for me by my dad)
  3. The Raincoats- Void (The Raincoats)
  4. Various Artists- Intro (Voodoo Rhythm Comp)
  5. The Ventures- Blue Moon (Walk-Don’t Run)
  6. Creedence Clearwater Revival- I Put A Spell On You (Chronicle, Vol.1)
  7. Javier Solis- Que Va (20 Años 1966-1986)
  8. Johnny Cash- Pickin Time (The Fabulous Johnny Cash)
  9. The Beatles- She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Abbey Road)
  10. The Five Satins- To The Aisle (American Graffiti soundtrack)
  11. Mac Demarco- Ode To Viceroy (2)
  12. Maxine Nightingale- Right Back To Where We Started From (off some mix from my friend Krystal)
  13. Cat Stevens- I Think I See The Light (mix from my friend Derek)
  14. The Platters- Twilight Time (another mix by my dad)
  15. The Gants- I Wonder (Nuggets Comp)
  16. James Brown- Make It Good To Yourself (Can You Dig It?)
  17. Dialogue Track From Blue Velvet (“I’ll fuck anything that moves!”)
  18. Siouxsie and The Banshees- Spellbound (Nocturne)
  19. Neil Young- Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere (Holding Back The Years 1969)
  20. Bob Dylan- I Shall Be Free (Free Wheelin)
3, 7, 8!

3- Top 5 Albums of All Time

  1. Various Artists, Spiritual Jazz- Esoteric, Modal+Deep Jazz From The Underground 1968-77
  2. The Mamas and The Papas, If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears
  3. The American Graffiti soundtrack
  4. Dirt Dress, Donde La Vida No Vale Nada
  5. The Velvet Underground, Loaded

7- Top 5 Favorite Male Vocalists

  1. Chaz Bundick
  2. Mac Demarco
  3. Devendra Banhart
  4. Javier Solis
  5. Lou Reed

8- Top 5 Favorite Female Vocalists

  1. Selena
  2. Trish Keenan
  3. Annie Clark
  4. Charlie Hilton (of Blouse)
  5. Deborah Harry
4, 42, 48.

4- Top 5 albums at the moment:

  • Mac Demarco, Salad Days
  • been revisiting The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s Electric Ladyland
  • Fela Kuti, The Best of The Black President (forever a fave tho)
  • The Velvet Underground, Loaded (been playing in my car all month)
  • Cherry Glazerr, Haxel Princess

42- Top 3 instrumental songs (this one’s a tough one)

  1. The A-Bones, Guess I’m Falling In Love (Velvet Underground Cover)
  2. Django Reinhardt, La Mer
  3. Dave Brubeck, Take Five

48- How important is music to you?

I feel like its one of the most personal things in the world, your relationship to music. It’s carries cultural resonance, potential for healing, it stimulates the mind, body, and soul, and it has always been something that has made me feel less lonely. I don’t think I would have survived this world without it.